About Us

The Farm

We are a family operated farm and we even grow our own product. Today, our main focus is growing CBD and CBG flower. We specifically work with high-quality flower with the best terpene profile and high cannabinoid profile. We have been operating and cultivating for over 10 years, our expertise comes with soil amendment every year and cover cropping. Throughout these past 10 years, we have dialed in a formula to be able to hit and exceed the expectations for our consumers. Our goal is to provide the best quality products backed by data and COAs (Certificate of Analysis). The consumers need to know the right knowledge and information about this plant and how it helps them.

Techniques & Procedures:

Great genetics comes from reliable resources

We follow our own SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in the formulation of the teas we make for plant feeding schedule
We have a water system that controls all the zones to control the exact NPK and PH level the plants need.

Proper pruning allows the healthy growth for the plant and avoids mold.

We have a schedule for harvesting different genetics which are due at different times of the fall.
We use specific steps with a lot of care to make sure the harvest is done in a proper and clean manner.
We use specific steps with a lot of care to make sure the harvest is done in a proper and clean manner.
Proper drying and curing in the sanitary facilities we have on site using the right environment and equipment. This is a very sensitive part of the process to ensure a good terpene profile.
Without the proper storage, bags and climate control facility, you can easily destroy your products.

Most importantly, we collect data with 2 different devices in each field to gather information such as tracking temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation, observed crop evapotranspiration, forecasted crop evapotranspiration, soil moisture, salinity, and NPK at three different depths as well as aeration, respiration, light, soil humidity.


We have been processing and extracting for over 5 years

Live Resin





Terp Sauce






Collecting Terpenes

The Co-Founders

About Reza

Reza Barzi is the founder, owner and operator of Vital CBD. his journey began in 2010, in Colorado and California. Upon further exploration and research he fell in love with and decided to permanently move his business to the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. Successfully licensed by the OLCC (oregon liquor control commision) ODA (oregon department of agriculture) OMMP (oregon medical marijuana program), he set out to create the highest quality cannabis and hemp flower. With aspiration and goals, reza’s passion with hard work and perseverance was rewarded with the operation of Vital CBD. Mr.Barzi is a family man whose creation has helped numerous individuals and will continue to deliver for you.

About Amir

Amir Barzi, similar to his brother has been involved in the business for over a decade. Amir decided to move to Southern Oregon with Reza and truly start to live out his dream life. Mr. Barzi is a first Generation farmer and is hoping to leave behind a legacy in the hemp business for his family and generations to come. He believes that hemp is not only medicine but can be used for everything including housing , clothing, natural goods, etc. He believes hemp can help change the world. We are excited to be sharing our products with you and we hope you love them just as much as we do!